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The staff at The Code are a great mix off all that is important in the fitness industry and what you would want to help you achieve your goals. Read about their own qualities and values to find out what type of people they are.

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With over 10 years in the industry Liam has a world of knowledge behind him. Coupling this with his love for strength training which hasn’t diminished since he was 16, Liam is definitely the go to man for correcting technique and injury prevention/rehab exercises. He loves the anatomy of the body and how muscles manipulate under tension. His ability to deconstruct movement patterns with every client is outstanding and is the key to moving safety and injury free.

Liam has a thirst for knowledge for all things fitness and it is this thirst that drives him to constantly educate and keep up to date and relevant with our ever advancing fitness industry. His knowledge base, patience with clients and his approachable understanding personality makes him the epitome of The Code and our values.



Liam - Owner, Trainer, movement technician. 

Pushfit Personal Training Gym Placeholder

Laura has also been in this industry for over 10 years and has always loved helping people. Her enthusiasm for her job and the fitness industry makes you always feel welcome and instantly part of the community. She has a warm, genuine personality and is always proud of her clients, gives them all of her attention, encouragement and has a built in drive to want to help her clients achieve their goals. With a background in bio med, her love for anatomy, the way the body moves, functions and the unbelievable things the body can achieve gives her the drive to educate her members, ensure they understand the fundamentals of safe movement and the benefits of building a strong base to live a healthy, pain free lifestyle while at the same time enjoying training and the process along the way.


Laura - Owner, head trainer

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